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Thanks to everyone who has made a wish. We've had a fantastic response and the team have been working hard since wishing closed to help make as many of these come true as possible. Our team have been truly touched by your stories and we only wish we could support them all. You are all truly inspirational. We would like to extend a huge thank you to our generous brands below for helping to make these wishes come true.


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Congratulations to our following wishes

Wish No. 1119

I would love a nice new outfit that’s all. I never get to buy myself as my children need it first or the house. I’m last on the list. It would be a lovely surprise.

Wish No. 1114

I would love, just love a washing machine with a built-in dryer, it would have to be built in because my kitchen is tiny. My washing machine is years old now. I struggle with washing and drying. You would not believe how much it would help us to be able to dry that washing straight away. That would be my wish. X

Wish No. 1357

I lost family tax credits and it’s been very hard scraping enough money together to pay the bills. My children are completely dependent and I’m unable to work as a result. I would love some vouchers to be able to pay for a nice family Christmas dinner at home and some gifts.

Wish No. 1684

I would love a new wardrobe or a family holiday in this country so we can spend quality time together.

Wish No. 761

A shopping voucher to spend on myself would be lovely as since retiring I don’t have time or money to treat myself

Wish No. 1403

I would wish to enjoy going for a nice meal, day out, overnight or massage. To destress a little and come back the better for it to care some more.

Wish No. 1478

I would love a new wardrobe, some of my clothes are really old.

Wish No. 351

A family break away with my son and daughter so we can make memories and have time out for fun.

Wish No. 1239

It would be nice to get away from everything for the weekend and go to a nice hotel and be pampered. It’s been a nightmare of a year so really would be a nice Christmas wish come true.


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